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Ferrania Chemicals is now offering its world-class technology, to provide high levels of performance and deliver new specialty materials for electronics: a product family sharing a backbone based on Fluorene and featuring excellent chemio-physical properties. 

These materials have outstanding Optical (high light transmission, high  refractive index and amorphous structure) and Thermal characteristics (high Glass Transition Temperature).

The combination of these attributes makes these materials far superior to the alternatives in all electronic applications. 

Fluorene Bisphenol (or Bisphenol F or BHPF or BPF) Monomer.

3236-71-3, fluorene            bisphenol, Bisphenol F,            BHPF, BPF

This diol has a highly aromatic structure known as cardo structure. Because of the presence of the aromatic rings, the materials having a cardo structure exhibit high thermal resistance and high refractive index. In addition, the spatial arrangement of these structures in polymers inhibit the formation of crystalline domains, thus giving birth to amorphous materials with negligible birefringence.

High quality Fluorene Bisphenol is available from Ferrania Chemicals in three purity grades:

Name Fluorene Bisphenol
CAS.No. 3236-71-3
Appearance White solid
Molecular weight 350.4
Melting temperature (℃) 223 - 227
Refractive index (D line) 1.63
Highest Purity (DSC) Grade BHPF0 >99.5%
High Purity (DSC) Grade BHPF1 >98.5%
Industrial Purity (HPLC) Grade BHPF2 >95%

UV curable resin            fluorene bisphenol derivativeFluorene Bisphenol Derivatives

Ferrania Chemicals is actively developing reactive monomers based on Fluorene Bisphenol such as Acrylates, Epoxies, etc. 
All these materials inherit the thermal and optical properties of the cardo structure of Fluorene Bisphenol and are recommended for improvement of thermal resistance and increase of refractive index in curable formulations. Please inquire with us for further information and availability. Let us know about your project and special needs and we will be happy to support you with our materials and expertise in optical grade resins.

PAR, Arylite,            Polyarylate, FPE, Fluorene            Polyester, Aromatic Polyester,            cardo polymer
PolyArylate (PAR) polymer - CAS n. 28906-27-6

The polyarylate (Fluorene Polyester or FPE) obtained by the reaction of Fluorene Bisphenol with phtalic chlorides is truly an outstanding material. Please check the table for main properties and inquire with us for further details and offers. Arylate copolymers with mixed Fluorene Bisphenol and Bisphenol A structures yield resins suitable for optical grade injection molding applications.

BPA, optical,            extrusion

FPE PAR Properties



Molecular weight (Dalton)


Specific gravity


Glass Transition Temperature, Tg


Decomposition Temperature, Td



retardant (V-0)


White Powder



Refractive Index



Hardcoat Formulations

Customized formulations are available for high quality hardcoats, conceived for excellent thermal stability, adhesion to substrates, surface hardness and clarity. Performance can be tailored to specific requirements:



Thermal resistance (Tg, °C):

200 - 350

Transparency (%):

90 - 91

Hardness (pencil test):

3H - 4H

Refractive Index:

1.45 – 1.60

R&D in High-performance films

Plastic has always shown promise as an alternative substrate system for display applications.
However, plastic's inherent advantages of flexibility, comformability, lightweight and impact resistance offered only part of the solution for these demanding applications.
That is, until now.

Now, Ferrania Chemicals has created alternative materials providing the range of temperature stability, superior optics, chemical resistance and exceptional dimensional stability you need for display applications.

By commercializing leading-edge technologies, developed through years of experience in chemistry, coatings, polymers and film processing, these new materials are uniquely positioned to provide new opportunities for choice and high levels of performance.

These choices afford virtually limitless possibilities for incorporating one or more of the materials in your advanced display designs. What's more, the robustness of the systems hold great promise for roll-to-roll processing, and a new generation of cost-effective manufacturing.

AryLite (PAR) film

AryLite is a transparent film offering an unmatched combination of thermal, otpical and physical properties. Featuring a Tg of 325°C, negligible retardation and excellent clarity, AryLite sets a new standard in high performance optical films. Please check Go-Plastic website for further information about AryLite. 


Flexible display            substrate, FRP, optical            film, Low CTE

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), flexible display substrate

Ferrania Chemicals is developing proprietary composite films offering the flexibility of plastics in combination with the strength of glass. If you are looking for ultra-high thermal resistance and exceptional dimensional stability we are ready for partnering and help you realize next generation portable displays. Please get in touch!

Tg (°C)


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) 30-220 °C (ppm/°C)


Transparency (%)


Minimum bending radius (mm)





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